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Air Force chooses Boeing for $30 billion tanker contract

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After a decade, the city of Everett finally can call itself home to the Air Force’s new refueling tanker, built by the Boeing Co. Subscribe to the comments on this post

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Homeownership’s Amazing Benefits

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Homeownership brings with it a host of amazing benefits. It’s the American Dream for good reason. From health to wealth, it stands out as a great long-term investment, and that’s why 67 percent of American households are owner-occupied. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) knows a little something about how homeownership affects American lives. And […]

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Bank of America’s New Program to Help Military Homeowners!

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If you happen to see this morning segment on Good Morning America titled “New Program to Help Military Homeowners”, you heard that Bank of America announced that they will help members of the military who have trouble meeting their mortgage payments by creating a new program to assist those active duty soldiers.  You can see […]

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Steps Required When Making A Home Purchase Loan

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