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Are Home Inspections Necessary Today?

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Are home inspections necessary today.  Sunday’s Herald article titled “Wet crawl space puts home deal in turmoil”. It looks like the couple did not hire a Licensed Home Inspector prior to their purchase. I wonder why. Was it cost? Did they believe an appraisal was just as good as a structural inspection? Was it because […]

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First Time Homebuyer’s Tax Credit Extended for Military Members-Are You Eligible?

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Members of the military and certain other federal employees serving outside of the US have an extra year to buy a principal residence in the US and qualify for the credit.  An eligible taxpayer must by, or enter into a binding contract to buy, a principal residence on or before April 30, 2011.  If a […]

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Remembering Veterans Day!

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Thank you for joining us this Veterans Day in remembering the men and women who have fought so valiantly to protect our nation. Our respect and sincere gratitude goes out to the men and women who currently serve in our Armed Forces, our veterans, our military families and those we have lost defending our country. […]

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